Playing Casino Games on the Internet

Previously, I wrote an article about how you can rent video games online. Today, I'd like to stay on the subject of games, but discuss something a bit more controversial: online gambling. Casino websites have been online since the mid-90's and they have always been the subject of much discussion, in part because of political reasons. Within the U.S., there were initially attempts to pass laws to make online betting illegal. In the end, a law that passed in 2007 made it illegal for credit card companies to fund online betting accounts. Some thought this was the end of online gambling, at least where the U.S. was concerned.


girl playing slots

But players felt otherwise. Eventually, many became members of poker sites and began playing online and betting quite a bit. The government tried to crack down on this as well, but such efforts ultimately did not bear fruit, and according to the site, legaluspokersites, most people in the U.S. shouldn't have any problems playing poker, although this can differ depending on the state that a player resides in.


Funding your casino account at more traditional casino sites can sometimes be a problem. However, this can be circumvented if you use bitcoin to fund your account. I used bitcoin myself to fund an account and play some bitcoin slots not long ago. I've found that both depositing and withdrawing funds goes more smoothly when I use bitcoin or dogecoin. For this reason, I only play at casinos that accept bitcoin these days. Check out the following link for a list of dogecoin online casinos that accept dogecoin.


As always, you should read reviews and do your due diligence before betting at any online casino sites.