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In addition to selling our wine online through our ecommerce store, we also provide information to our visitors to assist them in making wise ecommerce and online shopping choices. To help them achieve this goal, we offer things like free trials and coupons to special products and services offered by vendors with which we have a special relationship. Below are the articles we have available at this time.


Playing Video Games with Gamefly

Gaming is no doubt one of the most popular hobbies, and today, gaming is something that encompasses all demographic groups. For example, just as many women today play video games as do men. The stereotype of a typical gamer being a young single male is no longer true. Gaming has appeal to many different types of people at all stages of their life.


If you go to Gamestop or do research on the current selection of games that are available on consoles like Playstation and Xbox, it becomes clear that there are a staggering number of games available to gamers in the modern age. This is a great thing for gamers, but it can also be overwhelming to some people. After all, you probably have a limited budget, and it can be hard to choose which game to buy with the funds that you have available.


I usually select games by watching videos on Youtube and also reading reviews on trusted websites such as IGN. This often gives you a pretty good idea of what it's like to play the game you are considering purchasing. You can also try renting the game for a day or two on Redbox to be sure the game is something you will enjoy. As a rule of thumb, I don't purchase a game unless I think it will keep me entertained for at least 3 months. Be aware that some games also require a monthly subscription. You should factor such costs in when deciding whether it's worth it to buy a certain game.


If you find that you buy a lot of games and get bored of them easily, then one solution for you might be to join Gamefly, an online video game rental company. Gamefly will send you games through the mail, and you will be able to keep them as long as you want. When you no longer want to play the game, you can send them back (with free shipping) and promptly receive your next game within days. A 30-day Gamefly Free Trial (which you can get at: should help you decide whether or not you want to pay for such a service.


E-cigarettes as a Fashion Statement

I understand how people might choose an e-cigarette solely based on functionality. The problem with this approach, however, is that some of the more functional vape pens or mods look quite ugly. They typically have an industrial, machine-like look that I suspect would be unappealing to many vapers. Keep in mind, you'll be carrying your e-cig everywhere you go, and you will be seen using it by many people. In many ways, it's an accessory to your wardrobe, similar to a watch, bracelet, or necklace. Since vaping is something you're likely to do all day long, why settle for an e-cigarette battery that does not look good? The answer to this question is that you shouldn't.


Now, I'm not saying you should be purchasing e-cigarettes only because of the way they look. But there's no reason you shouldn't be able to find an E-cigarette that performs the way you want and makes a fashion statement as well. At a minimum, you should be able to find an e-cigarette in a color that you like, preferably with some accents that give it a sharp look. Whatever criteria you use to select a good-looking e-cig, you'll need to apply the same standards to any tanks or clearomizers you use as well.


halo reactorIf you're not sure where to start, I recommend taking a look at Halo. This company offers small cigalike batteries, ego-style batteries, and mods. The one common thread is that all of their e-cigarettes look stylish. For example, take a look at their mod, called the reactor (see image on the right). Despite the fact that the majority of mods look ugly, the reactor manages to pull off a sleek, stylish look. You can customize the look to some extent, as you are allowed to select from four colors: black, silver, blue, and pink. For a mod of its quality, the reactor is competitively price, with the battery component costing only $39.99. Note that this is just the retail price, and you can usually get a better deal by using Halo Cigs coupons from


It's not just the Halo mods that look great. Their vape pens, and small G6 batteries likewise have a very nice look. For batteries that look this good, I've found that Halo offers the highest quality products. I've noticed that Halo batteries last longer than other batteries, and I've never bought a dud from this company. For these reasons, Halo is a great company to choose for the discriminating vaper who wants a superior vaping experience while looking good at the same time.

Buying Checks Online For Your Business

business checking products from Deluxe Most businesses need to use checks as a means of payment, and while electronic checks are being used more widely today than ever before, paper checks are still used quite heavily, especially in traditional industries. This makes it necessary for small and large businesses alike to purchase thousands of checks each month. In this short post, I will go over some ways you can save money when you order such checks for your business.


1. Buy your checks online.
If you aren't doing so already, you should be purchasing your checks over the Internet. The best place to buy checks in my opinion is a company called Deluxe, which specializes in providing checking products. Not only will you find checks of all kinds and sizes at Deluxe, you will also have the option to customize your checks if you so desire. This means you'll be able to add things like your company logo and slogan onto the checks you order.

2. Buy in bulk.
As with all things you buy, you will typically get a better deal if you buy in bulk. In the case of Deluxe, you'll find that by ordering large quantities of checks, you'll be paying far less per check. For this reason, it's better to place a small number of large orders each year, as opposed to placing a bunch of small orders frequently.

3. Use coupon codes.

Coupon codes are ubiquitous on the Web, and you should always try to take advantage of them if you can. That said, there are many invalid or expired coupons out there, so it's best to obtain your coupons or promo codes from trusted coupon websites like


Another way your business can save money over the long-term is by using eChecks. Deluxe offers a special kind of eCheck that can be sent via email and that is one option you should seriously consider if you want to make your business more efficient. Other options include using electronic services such as Paypal, but overall, I do like the Deluxe eCheck solution the best.